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    How to Make Weed Brownies

    Cooking Pot Brownies For many situations and individual conditions, it can be preferable to eat marijuana rather than to...

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    HQ Magazine has officially released their October issue for 2014. If you haven’t already, turn to page 88 and...

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    Do you need a grinder? That is a question that really depends on if the benefits of using a...

  • Compton Grinders Anodized Finish

    Why Does Compton Grinders Use Anodizing for Our Grinder Finish? In a simple answer, we think it’s the best...

  • The Worlds Best Ashtray!

    Have you ever had problems with your De-Bowler? Are you sick and tired of it melting on you, or...

  • Herb Grinder Review: Compton Grinders 4-Piece

    Compton Grinders has quite the variety of loyal customers. Ryan smith had recently purchased a Compton Grinder 2-Piece, and...