Review: says it all!

DAILY-SUBMISSIONS-VIEW-GALLERY3 is one of the best sources you can use to find anything and everything related to medical marijuana. After being approached by them a month ago to do an online review, we quickly made sure to take full advantage of this awesome opportunity. After all, if the stoners don’t approve then your product is dead in the water. When we started this brand it was all built around YOU the consumer and what we could do to make your smoking experience that much more enjoyable. We were sick of having grinders constantly break on us, and the screens clogging up after months of use. Is there other brands that have made removable screens, Yes there is! Did they do it the correct way, the answer is…. NO, they didn’t!  Everything we have come to create over this past year has served a purpose,  our ashtrays, vaults and titanium nails were all made under the exact same roof as our grinders. If you want the best customer service and quality parts, then head over to our online shop and join our family today. Thanks fans, its been a pleasure growing with you!