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    The Best Domeless Nail

    You may be asking yourself questions right now that sound something along the lines of… “Compton Grinders is an herb grinder company, why would they decide to make titanium nails, and what makes their Domeless nails better then the competition?” The answers to these questions are simple… As a company we enjoy using our machinery and we pride ourselves on

  • CHAMPS Trade Show Coverage 2014

    Compton Meets the Crowd Champs trade show was the first time in the history of Compton Grinders had been in front of thousands of business owners and distributors. As the door’s opened at the Las Vegas Convention center, you could see the vibe inside the building change, game faces were on and it was time to sell some product. We spoke with

  • Culture Magazine X Compton Grinders

    Culture Magazine is establishing itself as the most elite players in the world of creative advertising. We presented them with one simple task, to make the quality of our craftsmanship speak for itself through an advertisement that would forever change the way you look at this vastly growing industry. We are a firm believer in the words “Simple Sells”! When Chris from Culture

  • Need a Grinder? Some Helpful Tips!

    Do you need a grinder? That is a question that really depends on if the benefits of using a grinder are important to you?  So lets go over what a grinder does! Grinders Make Kief One of the biggest reasons for grinders is the fact that they make kief! Kief is the build up of marijuana that is ground up, It

  • Best Grinder of 2014

    Compton Grinders are the epitome of precision and excellence. They are designed to uphold the most efficient grinding techniques, making them the ultimate grinding tools. With paramount quality and designed for the comfort of the user, our grinders provide a smooth and effortless experience with results that will assure satisfaction. We are officially sold in over 100 locations worldwide and

  • Compton Grinders Anodized Finish

    Why Does Compton Grinders Use Anodizing for Our Grinder Finish? In a simple answer, we think it’s the best finish for our grinders.   Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, finish. Anodizing actually bonds with the underlying aluminum substrate so it cannot chip or peel like other coatings. Anodizing is basically a