• Invention and Evolution of the Weed Grinder

    The modernly used weed grinder is a fairly sophisticated tool that has evolved from a basic engineering concept that was first introduced in the beginning of the 20th century. Although the original centerless was intended for industrial use in pulping and processing cellulose and plant matter, it has been adopted and refined for herb grinding on an individual level. Most

  • How Long Does it Take to Detox from Marijuana?

    Very little research has been done to truly answer how long it can take to detox from marijuana, although studies regarding the way that the body metabolizes the active compounds in the drug has shed some light on the process. One of the issues with the accuracy of information is also due to changes in testing procedures, which may measure

  • History of Medical Marijuana in the USA

    Marijuana has had a long history of use for palliative and curative properties throughout history. Although documentation of the properties of this plant date back thousands of years in Vedic and Assyrian texts, the use of the herb in the Americas has been far more recent. Marijuana was first brought to Europe in the early half of the first century,

  • New Small Grinder Style and Colors

    SMALL 4-PIECE SIX PACK WITH BUILT IN POINT OF PURCHASE DISPLAY 2014 has been an unbelievable year for Compton Grinders when it comes to our growth and development. In march of 2014, we set out on a journey to create the best American made products this industry has ever laid their eyes on. Understanding the importance of being unique and innovative, our

  • HotBox Magazine: Compton Grinders Review

    When I (Kyle) first spoke Roy about 7 months ago, he had an Insatgram that had a decent following and the idea to become the most beneficial place to find information on products before YOU buy them. After speaking with Roy on the phone numerous times, I knew it would be beneficial for Compton Grinders to team up with Hotbox.  Compton Grinders

  • HQ Magazine: Compton Grinders

    HQ Magazine has officially released their October issue for 2014. If you haven’t already, turn to page 88 and check out the awesome review on our 4-piece Compton Grinder. In case you don’t have a copy, here is what HQ Magazine had to say about us… “Quest For the Best- The Compton Grinders 4-piece has taken the top spot for