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    HotBox TV Interview with Compton Grinders

      Champs tradeshow is one of the biggest events of the year, its a chance for us to keep our momentum going and meet our growing clientele. We caught up with Roy, who we consider family from one of the most credible companies in the game, In this interview we go over our newest product, the Compton Vault, and

  • Vapor Review Blog Covers Compton Grinders

    Vapor Review Blog Looking for a new vaporizer? Want to browse some vaporizer reviews before making your decision? We’d suggest you subscribe to the Vapor Review Blog on YouTube and at the website linked above. We love their review videos as well as their blog work, and we’re especially glad that they choose to review Compton Grinders on their latest

  • Can Marijuana Cause Seizures?

    The relationship between marijuana and seizures is actually a highly positive one, and the drug has been documented as a treatment for epilepsy and seizures since the 1600’s.  Although some of the traditional applications for the plant have very minimal foundation in research, current efforts to investigate further medical usage for the plant have led to greater validation for many

  • Stuff Stoners Like Reviews Compton Ginders

    Stuff Stoners Like Homepage At Compton Grinders, we’re huge fans of the site Stuff Stoners Like. Personally, I’m a big fan of the section for Stuff Stoners Don’t Like. I know I don’t like Mayo or Elvis very much either. ROTFL… Stuff Stoners Like recently reviewed our grinders, and I would agree on their points. My favorite grinder is a

  • Best Ways to Clean Your Weed Grinder

    Regular cleanings of a weed grinder can ensure that the piece stays operational and does not stick during the grinding process.  Further benefit from regular cleanings is also the fact that small pieces of plant matter that have built up on the teeth and the screen can also be collected for use.  This means that the cleaning process should consider

  • HotBox Magazine Reviews Compton Grinders King Nail

    Yo, Roy, we were watching and we were definitely laughing!  You know (within reason) our Compton Grinders King Nail can handle any dab you can handle!  Thanks to The HotBox Magazine for giving our King Nail a try!